DISC Profiling

Accredited behaviour and personality profiles for you and your team

How would you benefit from understanding you and your team’s natural strengths, conflict areas, sources of stress, and what motivates?

As an Accredited DISC Profiler, I work with teams and individuals to quickly identify both your own and your co-workers' behaviours and personality types. In doing so I can help you build stronger relationships, communicate more persuasively and build happier, more productive teams.

So what is DISC?

DISC is an acronym for four personality groups. We all share these four personality styles but in varying degrees of intensity:

D – Dominant, Driver

I – Influencer, Inspiring

S – Steady, Stable

C – Conscientious, Cautious

By completing your own profile and having a workshop with me, you soon understand the four different behaviour preferences and your own preference in more detail. You will be able to recognise these behaviours in your clients, collaborators and colleagues. You will understand how different personality types can both conflict or complement your own personality style and with this knowledge you will be able to adapt and build stronger relationships and increase your positive influence.

How does it work? 

I offer DISC Profiling workshops to teams and individuals.

Working as a team?

Working with your team, you will each complete a short profiling questionnaire. I will then facilitate a virtual or in-person workshop to help you and your team understand your own personality preferences and those of your team members. You will understand each other’s communication styles and how to approach each person most effectively. You will become more aware of potential areas of conflict and be able to use your knowledge to diffuse situations as they arise.

Price will vary depending on numbers so please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Working one-to-one

If we are working together one-to-one, you will complete a short profiling questionnaire online and we will have a 50-minute feedback session where I will share your results, explain your preferences and explore how best you can utilise this new information to your advantage.

For £145 you will have:

  • Access to my online portal to complete your profile
  • A 50-minute coaching session to feedback and learn from your results
  • An action plan to utilise your findings
  • A detailed report to take away and use as an ongoing reference point

Following confirmation of your purchase, I will send you a link to complete your personalised DISC Profile and will arrange your one-to-one feedback call.