Client Attraction

Half-day workshop to define, attract, offer and secure your ideal clients

What would be the impact on your business if you could target your ideal clients with ease? 

Having helped many start up and growing businesses with this stage of their business success, I am now delighted to offer this programme to you as an intensive half-day workshop.

Having a clear view of who your ideal customer is, where you can find them and what their needs are will help you to create services which are directly matched to those needs. 

Once you have defined service offerings to match your target market needs, creating an effective marketing strategy will be the natural next step. 

So, if you’re ready to take the next step towards your vision of success, come and join me and be empowered to make that success a reality!

Over a half-day workshop, we will: 

Articulate your target client – We will focus on your target market and your ideal customer profile. You’ll know where to find them and highlight their needs that you can match to your services. 

Define your offerings – With a clear view of your vision and your target market, we will move towards defining your service offerings to meet the needs of your ideal customer. 

Marketing Channels – We will work through your marketing channels, covering all traditional and digital channels most effective to attract your ideal customer. 

Action Plan – We will end the workshop ensuring you have captured clear goals and an action plan to take the next steps in your business success. 

Rachel has been absolutely amazing helping me not only define and find my target market, but to do so much more.

Karen Barrett Photography  

Price: £295

The workshop can be held in Kingston or Richmond areas or over Skype/Zoom at a mutually agreeable time. Please enquire for additional costs for face to face workshops outside of area.