Rachel has been a pleasure to work with from the get-go and has helped us to really define what we want from our business; what our short and long-term goals are and what we need to do to get there. Her positive and thorough approach has given us the clarity we need to progress and we’re now more confident and excited for the future!

Jake and Megan, Co-Founders, My Town Digital

Rachel has been invaluable in supporting my business. She has helped me define strategies and how to achieve these and has been a fantastic sounding board which has enabled my company to prioritise and focus efforts for maximum returns.

Sophie Bates Architects

Rachel has been incredibly helpful in identifying our business objectives for the next few years. Through interactive workshop sessions her clarity of thought and ability to quickly understand the sort of business and people we are has allowed us to set out a series of achievable business goals. I thoroughly recommend Rachel.

Richard, MD, Outerspace

Rachel has had a totally transformative effect on my business. Her positive and upbeat support coupled with her clear, calm demeanour meant that I left each session feeling confident and enthusiastic about the next steps.

Carrie, Founder, Carriewardrobe.com

Rachel has helped me develop and bring to life my business plan, reframing it in a way that has made me more adaptable and my company more agile, which has led to business success. She assessed my personal life goals and values, integrating them with my business goals to ensure they complement one another. I would heartily recommend her intuitive and creative services to those looking for guidance to overcome business challenges, or looking for inspiration when setting up.

Matthew, Founder, Shine Workplace Wellbeing

Rachel has been an utterly insightful and challenging coach who has really helped me to pursue my long-term goals. I found Rachel to be one of the most perceptive, insightful and pleasantly challenging coaches I have had the fortune to work with. Not only did she help me set brilliantly aspirational goals, with a real clarity and focus, but she was deeply gifted in positively challenging me to exceed all my expectations.

Angie, Founder, The Difference Collective