One-to-one workshop to set the parameters for a business that works for you

Are you striving to grow a business which truly works with your values and life priorities?

When you are your business this is one of the hardest things to get right, but the biggest risk to your business is if you don’t! Many of the business owners I work with struggle with the balance between their business and personal lives and if the balance is wrong, it can have a hugely detrimental effect on your successes.

I don’t believe you have to give up on the things that you love in order to focus on your business. Quite the opposite! Having a balance is essential to your success. You’ll remain more focused, committed and motivated to achieve your vision of success.

This half day workshop will form the foundations for business success and a true work/life balance. You’ll finish energised and empowered to make it happen. We will work together to:

  • Express your aspirations for a successful life
  • Articulate the values important to you and those you want to run through your business
  • Understand the other personal commitments you have
  • Prioritise and set clear goals for your personal priorities
  • Elicit and draw on your strengths which will make your goals achievable
  • Highlight support requirements to make your success a reality
  • Create an action plan to take your business forward

Rachel was so helpful in focusing my efforts on first figuring out what my priorities were and with her help and incredible enthusiasm I was able to build my confidence and put a plan of action in place to take the next steps in building my business.

Sonya, Founder, Sonya Cook VA Services

Price: £295

The workshop can be held in Kingston or Richmond areas or over Skype/Zoom at a mutually agreeable time.